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2020 – 2021 Race Dates

Round 1                                             Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th October, 2020


Round 2                                             Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th November, 2020


Round 3                                             Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd November, 2020


Round 4                                             Saturday 12th & 13th December, 2020


Round 5                                             Saturday 16th & 17th January, 2020


Back Up Dates


30th & 31st January, 2021

13th & 14th March, 2021

22nd & 23rd May, 2021


Presentation Night                           Saturday 19th June, 2021

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Thanks for the FaceBook Comments…


Big thanks to everyone on the committee and helpers on the weekend!

Best place in Australia to race and ran to perfection!
Also a big thanks for the patience in us rusty drivers!
Can’t wait for round 3!


A massive thanks to everyone involved in the 1st region five for 2019 series. As a new comer we felt like we were regulars due to the hospitality! And a big thanx to all drivers and observers who towed our kids and gave us some great advice!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a great weekend.



Everyone involved in Region V, congratulations for making the event so enjoyable for everyone. Awesome racing, great format and well organised. Looking forward to the next round.



We had the best time Team XXX will be back next round



Thanks for the FaceBook Comments…

I haven’t raced a Region V event for many years, went up at the weekend and throughly enjoyed myself. Great to see so many kids coming through. The venue has improved out of sight, the beach was clean, no weed, a far cry from what it used to be. Congrats to the Region V committee in keeping this event alive. For the Sydney based people that don’t think there’s enough racing locally, get up to Region V.


NSWSRA – Region V Australia is an incorporated Club that is now in it’s 42nd Season.
Region V is known to many as the breeding ground of ski racing champions
and this is evident by our many Australian and World Champions.

Region V paints the perfect ski racing picture, as it caters for the absolute first timer to the professional ski racer,

with a fantastic family atmosphere…

Region V has history, it has pace, it has fun and most of all, Great Racing!

Ann Procter – 4 Time F1 Womens World Champion
Region V was Ann’s first ever race, she feels that there is no better place for new people to learn how to race in all different water conditions and be helped along the way by people who have been racing for years.

Jason Walmsley – F1 Mens World Champion
Jason says that Region V has gone a long way to helping him in his skiing career, because it “sharpens you up”, teaching you to always be on your toes, because as soon as the flag drops, you have to be ready to go, due to the sprint nature of the racing.

Tania Teelow – F1 & F2 Womens World Champion
Tania first started at Region V in its first ever year in 1978. She feels that Region V style of racing has helped her in many ways, but predominately the close racing with the pressure of boats being beside you.

Chris Stout – F1 & F2 Mens World Champion
Chris feels that Region V is by far the best for newcomers because you learn a lot quickly and everybody helps each other, together with the races being short and fast, he says the best part about Region V is the excellent racing, with a whole bunch of mates, great family atmosphere and making heaps of friends of all different ages.

Trudi Stout – Junior Girls & F1 Womens World Champion
Trudi feels that Region V has helped to build her confidence over the years with the close and competitive racing. Trudi said Region V is fun because there is always someone to race…

Jack Houston – Two Time Junior Boys World Champion

Jack likes the fun atmosphere at Region V and the fact that the water conditions are never the same and always keep you on your toes, he feels the course being like a World’s Course, together with having the boats always racing very close and the tight fast corners have helped him over his junior years.

Kelsey Feros – Junior Girls & F2 Womens World Champion

Kelsey likes Region V because of the short, fast, competitive racing and feels that Region V has helped her win a World Title because you quickly learn how to corner fast and gain valuable experience with boats being right next to you, together with the fast one grid starts.
Peter Procter  – F1 Mens World Champion

Jack Harrison – Two Time Junior Boys  World Champion

Ellen Jones – Junior Girls, F2 Womens & Open Womens World Champion

Cameron Osborne – F2 Mens World Champion

Milana Long – Junior Girls World Champion

Luke Harrison – Junior Boys World Champion
Nellie McMillan – Junior Girls World Champion